Dental Surgery


Dental crowns are necessary when a tooth has decayed seriously, degrading the integrity of the tooth. The crown is made of porcelain, zirconium or gold and is shaped to cover the tooth for protection and to improve appearance. Dr. Syme will review your treatment options and explain the different types of crowns which can provide you with the optimum result for your teeth and your oral health.


Tooth extractions occur when a tooth’s decay is extensive, when the root has died, or sometimes to make room for other teeth. From our x-rays, we can see clearly when extractions are necessary, and we are skilled at making our patients as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. We provide post-procedure instructions and arrange for a follow-up visit if necessary.

Root Canals

When tooth decay has created a deep cavity near the tooth’s nerve centre, there is usually severe pain. If left untreated, the patient may lose the tooth. The alternative is a Root Canal which is a two stage process. Damaged tissue from inside the tooth’s pulp chamber is removed and the area is disinfected. Dr. Syme then inserts a temporary filling in the tooth.  On the second visit, the dentist checks for any signs of infection, and then replaces the temporary filling with either a permanent filling or a crown.


Bridges are created to fill in gaps between teeth which have come about either by extraction or loss through an injury. A bridge is a customized dental prosthetic which attaches to the teeth on either side of the gap to create a bridge. They are designed to look like the teeth they are joining and to enhance the patient’s smile.

Wisdom Teeth

Dr. Syme can remove wisdom teeth at our clinic. Often all four wisdom teeth are removed all at once in one visit. Patients have the option of being sedated during this surgery.


For patients who want the most authentic looking dental prosthetic, dental implants are the best solution.  Patients who are thinking about dentures for example should also consider implants as an alternative to achieve the most natural looking smile. Implants are replicas of your individual teeth which are permanently attached to the bone of the jaw or skull.  They look and function like your own teeth, and from then on, you have a perfect smile!

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